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The concept of this site focuses heavily on corrections in its multilingual sentence model or so called post-editing of suggested translations. With each correction you are improving for other languages the quality estimation metric and the quantity (probably also the quality) of sentences and word suggestions. And for sure, your corrected text is easier and faster to read for occupants using the same language.

The text correction is supported by a few help tools at sentence level which we will now take a closer look.
At any time you can choose the right tool to handle with the suggestions due to the translation quality and your digging preferences. For smaller mistakes it is recommended to edit the displayed sentence: Insert, replace, delete or copy like in a digital text field. By clicking on the sentence we can see on the right side a bunch of other translations and if present, then also the correct sentences in your selected languages. Once clicked in the sentence area you are able to edit it and persist it with actions on other text fragments. We can exchange the current sentence by selecting a better suggestion or just use this assistance to verify the correct meaning of the translation.

For very bad proposals there is a mode to rewrite the whole sentence which offers word suggestions. The grammar support is currently not available because it had a to small vocabulary to be practical.

For better correction experiences be sure to have a good proofreading Add-on like languagetool.
If you have any question to the Thesis, have a suggestion for a translation space feature or have an idea how to finance the stressed ressources, then feel free to send me a mail to

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